7 Amazing benefits of Quinoa

The physical appearance of quinoa can be quite deceiving. For one, it looks like it is grain but the fact is it’s the seed of a plant with the same name and is a member of the goosefoot family. Then it also closely resembles couscous but it is really more comparable to rice in terms of its versatility.

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When it comes to the favorable effects it has on the health, quinoa is definitely a star of its own! Read on to know 7 of the reasons that makes it highly popular among health-conscious individuals.

  1. Quinoa is comparable to milk because it contains as many as 9 amino acids. It’s a wonderful source of high quality protein vital for muscle development, repair and maintenance. This super seed is the perfect addition to the diet of vegetarians who cannot get their protein from meat sources.
  1. Since quinoa is low in calories (only 172 of them in a 1/4-cup serving) it’s highly recommendable for individuals who like to drop unwanted pounds. It also supplies complex carbohydrates, the kind of fuel for the body that does not cause the blood glucose levels to spike, thereby keeping hunger pangs at bay.
  1. Due to the fact that it helps maintain a steady level of glucose in the blood, quinoa is perfect for individuals suffering from diabetes. Serving it on the dining table is a delectable and nutritious way to prevent type 2 diabetes from striking.
  1. The consumption of quinoa is ideal for people who are intolerant to gluten, such as those with celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Even if you’re not intolerant to gluten and you simply want to avoid it, go ahead and enjoy quinoa.
  1. Because quinoa is a good source of vitamin B2 (riboflavin), it helps prevent anemia as well as fatigue because the nutrient is vital for the transformation of fat and carbohydrates to energy the body may use.
  1. Thanks to the vitamin B2 content of quinoa, it’s good for individuals who are constantly bugged my migraine. That’s because the said nutrient helps dilate the blood vessels, thus minimizing the chances of migraine attacks.
  1. Quinoa is so versatile that it may be consumed in many ways. Proof to this is the existence of so many delectable recipes on the internet. It’s because of this super seed’s versatility why incorporating it into your everyday diet is trouble-free.

There you have it — the 7 amazing benefits quinoa offers. Just make sure that you wash it thoroughly before soaking in water or cooking because it’s coated with saponin, a chemical that is said to be toxic. The most effective way to get rid of saponin is by placing quinoa in a fine-mesh strainer and mixing it with your hand under cold running water.


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