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Learn to Apply Makeup On the Go

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We have to admit more frequently than not we experienced applying makeup in the most inconvenient places or at least someone who has. You’ve seen someone discreetly trying to apply lipstick while walking down the street or see someone who was attempting to apply blush on the bus. In truth, it takes a lot apply makeup on the go. It need tough love and preparation to pull this off. Touching up is a whole lot different than applying it. Applying makeup in front of your mirror in your bathroom or bedroom. Not only do you have a big mirror. You also have all your makeup within reach. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best tips to help you get through the morning rush. Get yourself ready for work or school while on the go with these tips.

Never Leave Without Base

If you have no place to stop and actually put on a base or foundation. Please do not leave the house without it. Attempting to apply foundation on the car or subway is a one-way ticket to makeup disaster. If you don’t really have time. Just skip the foundation all together. Applying makeup is an important step that you need to get just right. Walking around wearing a mask is never a good look. You can always apply foundation in your break time or when you’ve applied your eye makeup and eyebrows while on the go. Never apply foundation without good lighting and a big mirror.

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Make Use of Stops

Stops are going to save you a whole lot. So, make use of them as much as possible. Especially when you are on the bus or car. Use this time to apply makeup that require precision, such as mascaras, eyeliner and your eyebrows. You can apply blush, bronzer and setting powder while on the run. Though, never ever apply contour while moving. You’re going to end up with uneven lines and dark or light splotches on your face.

Be Prepared

You know how long it takes for you to get to work or to school from your commute. If it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get to your destination. Makes sure that the makeup you want to pull off can be done in that time frame. You have to be prepared for this and make sure that you have everything you need and have enough time to do it. Keep a makeup pouch in your bag that has everything you need and never remove it from your bag. Though, don’t bring your whole vanity case. Just bring the essentials or use multipurpose products.

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Invest in a Good Mirror

Mirrors in your compacts and other cases tend to become dusty with time. It won’t take a lot of space to put in a good mirror in your pouch. A mirror that is specifically used for applying makeup is important for the on the go kit. You can invest in a good mirror that has a light on it. This is a much better for applying makeup and can help make sure that your makeup is spot on. Using an elegant mirror will also be a lot classier than staring into a messy compact.

Transparent Pouch

This makes a whole lot of difference. Using a transparent pouch to put in all of your on the go makeup. You spend a lot of time digging through your pouch for your tools and makeup. Reducing the time to look through them can add more time for application. This will also help you know which makeup is running out and when it needs to be cleaned out.

Keep It Simple

You don’t really have the luxury to apply false eyelashes, contour and highlight while you are walking or taking the bus. Just keep it simple and stick to the basic makeup needs. Apply a quick coat of lipstick, mascara and blush. Stick to pencil eyeliners and powder eyebrows. This allows for easier application while walking. Avoid any liquid type makeup and powdery eye shadows.

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We’ve all gone through this before. You wake up after hitting the snooze button a couple of times and see that you only have a few minutes left to do your whole routine. Now, you have to do everything while you are on the go. With these tips you’ll be ready for these types of occasions. No need to go makeup free. Do you have any product to recommend or have other makeup tips? Share with us your own makeup on the go tips. 

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