9 Surprising Foods You Never Thought Contained Gluten

Currently, gluten is found mostly in all basic food items especially in breads and pasta, but there are many other foods which can be contaminated by gluten either by being manufactured in the same factories as gluten foods or by being stored close to gluten items.  In the past years, gluten has the main cause of modification of diets by many people.  For instance, there are people with celiac disease who suffers from the extreme form of gluten intolerance. Many gluten-free foods are labeled as such, but there are unexpected surprising foods that contain gluten on the supermarket shelves that we are not all aware of.

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  1. BBQ sauce, mustard, ketchup, marinades and the like, all of these contain thickeners, so there is no escape from gluten. There might be gluten-free condiments, but most of them are not.
  2. There are other coffee blends and flavored types of coffee that contain gluten as well. Coffee is gluten-free by nature, but if you add some flavors and bulking agents, it can make be contaminated with gluten. Additions to coffee such as syrups or sprinkles contain gluten as well, so the safest alternative would be pure black coffee with milk.
  3. Omelets in restaurants may have gluten as well.  Eggs are completely gluten free as long as they’re not added pancake batter-since batter is made of flour. And while normally, your homemade omelet wouldn’t contain batter, restaurants do use it because they want to make the omelet fluffy.
  4. Store-bought or made in restaurants salad dressings definitely contain gluten. They’re added flour, thickeners etc. and these contain gluten. One best tip is to make your own gluten-free dressing to get a sure gluten-free product.
  5. Naturally, oats are gluten-free and one of the rare grains that don’t contain gluten, but some brands can be cross-contaminated, so it’s essential to check the labels and warnings on the packaging.
  6. Soups mostly contain thickening agents in the form of flour and this is a guaranteed gluten presence too.
  7. Flavored potato chips. Potato is gluten-free, but once it gets flavored, that’s it for being gluten-free.
  8. Soy sauce. You wouldn’t expect gluten in soy sauce, but soy sauce is made with the help of fermented wheat and this automatically means gluten presence. The solution is to make your own soy sauce or to look for gluten-free one in stores.
  9. Gluten-free pasta labeled as such, if not cooked properly can also be contaminated with gluten. Especially if you’re eating in a restaurant where it’s likely to be cooked in the same pans and water as the regular pasta and this is enough for contamination.
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