Beginner’s Guide to Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is making waves in the beauty and health industry as rumors abound that it comes with numerous health benefits. But what exactly can you get out of this ingredient? And what is it in the first place? Well, activated charcoal is a type of pure carbon that is made from coconut husks, wood, peat, and other organic carbon sources that has the ability to attract toxins and other heavy metals from the skin. When applied on the skin, you will find that it is easier to cleanse your skin from any impurities that may clog your pores so that you will end up with beautiful and blemish-free skin. So how can you use this product? Here are a few suggestions to try out.

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Good for detox

One way to use activated charcoal is to help detoxify your body from any impurities that you might have ingested or absorbed through the food that you’ve eaten or from the environment. When used, the activated charcoal will draw any toxins that are present in your body that may have been ingested because of the food that you have eaten.

Relieves bloating and gas

Activated charcoal comes in different forms such as tablets, pills, and powder. If you plan on taking activated charcoal to help you with your digestion, you should drink plenty of water with it. This prevents side effects such as constipation. With activated charcoal, you will be able to relieve gas and bloating because your stomach has less gas and acid building up.

Purifies skin

Another possible way for you to use activated charcoal is to purify your skin with it. There are face masks available that contain activated charcoal that can help cleanse your skin from various impurities. Either you go for premade face masks with activated charcoal or make your own if you like. Both can help make your skin healthier and more beautiful too since any impurities are being removed so there will be less clogging on your pores.

Body scrub

It is possible for you to use activated charcoal as a body scrub so you will be able to remove any possible traces of dirt, dust, grease, grime, oil, and sweat that lodged themselves on your skin. This is important as it will leave your skin free from impurities that can make it look dull and dry. Making a paste out of it along with other ingredients then using it to scrub your body with can help remove dead skin, as well as other particles that are making your skin break out.

Whitens teeth

It appears that activated charcoal is also good for your dental hygiene because it has certain properties that can help whiten your teeth. If you are plagued with stained teeth, using activated charcoal can do the job.

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