Diet for Bone Dislocation

Our bones can weaken as we age. The amount of calcium in our system can go down as we age hence brittleness is prone to happen. Dislocated bones, fractures, and the like are sure to happen when your bone is weak and you got yourself into an accident which can take months for them to fully heal. This can be quite frustrating since you won’t be as mobile as you were before. But how will you be able to correct this issue?

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Aside from resting up as the doctor ordered, it can also help if you consider your diet. You see, there are certain types of food that are actually efficient in promoting better bone health which can be incorporated into your diet to support bone growth and development. This is actually useful especially when you are suffering from bone injury. Here are a few suggestions to try.


Dislocated bones can happen when there is not enough lubricants connecting the joints together. Truth be told, most of us are actually dehydrated since we barely drink sufficient amounts of water throughout the day. We can blame our busy schedule, rush jobs, and the like as to why we barely drink water. Unfortunately, this can lead to dry and brittle joints that are prone to dislocation because there is not enough lubricant to keep them functioning properly. Make it a point to drink up to 8 glasses of water per day to help prevent or at least alleviate the problem with your dislocated bone.


You will need protein in your diet if you want to protect yourself agaist possible bone problems such as dislocation, fractures, and breaks. You see, protein not only fills your belly up but it can also help with muscle repair that protects the bones underneath. If you find yourself hungry, go for protein rich snacks instead.

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Calcium-rich foods

Another thing that you need to consider in your diet when it comes to bone dislocation is to actually consume more calcium-rich foods. Calcium is necessary in our body to protect it against bone weakening as this can lead to dislocation or fracture. Dairy is a good source of calcium as well as other vegetables or plant-based foods. If you are not getting enough calcium from the food that you are eating, it would help if you take calcium supplements as recommended by your doctor.

Complex carbohydrate

If you are going to add carbohydrate to your diet, make sure that you go for the complex carbs as these are much better compared to simple carbohydrates. Not only is this type of carb have dietary fiber, they can also help speed up the mending process of your dislocated bone. Whole grains, vegetables, as well as fruits belong in this category.

Citrus fruits

Eating fruits that belong in the citrus category can also be good for your dislocated bone. You see, when your bone becomes dislocated, the surrounding muscles and tissues can be inflamed. This can weaken your immune system since it is doing its best to correct the problem. Now with the help of citrus fruits and the vitamin C contained in them, not only will your immune system be strengthened, but your bones will heal faster too.

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