Start Your Mornings Right With These Simple Fixes

Don’t like mornings because you need to part ways with your beloved bed? The thing is you need to feel positive and rejuvenated the moment you open your eyes so that you may set the kind of tone necessary for a productive and rewarding day. However, being jerked out of sleep by your raucous alarm clock instead of waking up naturally and gradually can leave you with a frown rather than a smile. The same is true when you stick to crappy morning habits that need to be scraped.

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To make your mornings more positive rather than feeling like a drag, there are a few things that you may do. Read on to know some very simple acts that can change the way you see your mornings.

Steer Clear of Technology
Refrain from checking your e-mails or social media accounts for the next 15 minutes after waking up. Mornings should be reserved exclusively for you and not things that should be done on while you’re already at your desk. If your alarm clock is your smartphone, turn it off when it goes off and put it back on the nightstand immediately. Resist the urge to check out those notifications as it’s for certain that they can wait.

Get Out of Bed Correctly
Dodge getting up on the wrong side of the bed by getting out of it correctly. This is how it’s supposed to be done: roll over onto one side and scoot your body close to the edge of the bed, then bend your knees closer to your chest and then drop them off your bed while swinging your upper body up and using your upper arm to push yourself up from the bed. This is a great way to save your spine from unnecessary stress when getting out of bed.

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Perform Some Stretching Exercises
Your body has been inactive for several hours while you were in dreamland, and it makes perfect sense that it needs to be warmed up for the upcoming activities for the day. Get your blood circulating and your muscles activated by doing some simple exercises. Do this just before you get out of your bedroom.

Do Some Meditation
Meditating is not only done while everything is already in full swing and you are already feeling stressed. It’s also best done even before you face everything you need to face for the day. Meditating can last even for just a few seconds for as long as it is done correctly. Sit up straight, clear your mind and do some deep breathing. Spending some time meditating before you get the day started is good for the body, mind and spirit.

Opt for a Cup of Lemon Water
There’s something you may drink that can jumpstart your body without caffeine: a cup of lemon water. It’s something so simple to do — just squeeze a lemon in a cup of lukewarm water. Do this upon arising and right before you have your breakfast. You may have a hard time incorporating this into your morning rituals most especially if you’re hooked on coffee. However, the benefits will surely make up for that cup of your favorite java — a boost of energy, cleaner mouth and throat, and an accelerated metabolism that helps you shed off excess pounds.

Set Realistic Goals for the Day
Prior to stepping foot outside the home, it’s a great idea to set some feasible goals. Try not to go beyond 3 in order to save yourself from feeling stressed even before you head out. Your goals can be something as simple as picking up the laundry, shopping for organic fruits or vegetables or paying your dentist a visit. Set 3 more at the start of your every day and you will be surprised at how much you have accomplished at the end of the week!

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