Health Benefits of Chocolate

It is a challenge to keep chocolates in the healthy section of health magazines. Despite its health benefits, it is still looked upon with disdain when health benefits are topic of conversation. Here is a list to help you take the healthy side of chocolates.

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Diarrhea Relief

Cocoa has been used as treatment to diarrhea among South American and European countries. Flavonoids bind to proteins and control the secretion of fluids in small intestine.

Cough Relief

Theobromine deals with cough as well as the substance codeine. The vagus nerve is curbed by the chocolate’s feel-good effect. While make people feel sleepy and dull, chocolates have no negative effects.

Higher Intelligence

Besides being a great de-stressor, chocolates are good brain boosters. Cocoa, which are rich in flavonols, helps the brain by increasing the efficiency of the blood flow to the brain in two to three hours. This provides alertness and heightened brain performance.

In long term cases, the cognitive tests of people who consume flavonol through wine, chocolate or tea are higher than those who don’t.

Sun Protection

Researchers from London conducted a study about flavonols and skin. Subjects that consumed low levels of flavonol from chocolates were less protected from the sun. Those who consumed high levels of flavonol took two times longer to develop the reddening of the skin as a result of being exposed to sun.

Reduced Stress

When people with anxiety, according to Swiss scientists, eat one half ounce of dark chocolates daily for two weeks, the levels of stress hormones are reduced and the effects of stress are lessened. A bar of chocolate will do you more good than a pint of ice cream.

Diabetes Prevention

It may be a little confusing to recommend a candy bar to diabetics. In a small study, those who ate dark chocolates for 15 days experienced a potential drop in insulin resistance by 50 percent.

Flavonoids from chocolates increase the production of nitric oxide which helps control insensitivity to insulin.

Happier Kids

Pregnancy is a mix of hormones. Women claim that eating chocolates during pregnancy are better at handing stress. Their babies are happier and smile more frequent, according to a Finnish study.

A healthier heart

A one-third chance of reducing the risk of heart failure is seen among those who ate up to two servings of dark chocolate in one week.

Exercise and chocolate are partners now. The antioxidants in chocolates are great help to human fitness. However the effects of its other content such as butter, milk and sugar are reasons enough to keep your exercise routines.

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