Home Remedy for Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating and can make you bed ridden. Don’t just sleep the pain away or consume a handful of painkillers. Lessen pain from aching and strain muscles with this easy home remedy.

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Home Remedies:

Get Up and Walk Around – doctors have encouraged patients to move around as much as they can. Laying in bed the whole day or through your healing will only slow down the healing process. If you can’t walk around anymore, lay on your back with two pillows under your knees. Do not lay face down, this may cause further strain on your back and can cause neck strain. Move around as much as you can as soon as you can. Having more than three days of laying around in bed will make your muscles more prone to pain and muscle weakness.

Mattress Shopping – Sometimes our worn out and over used mattress are the cause of our back problems. Sleeping on a lumpy mattress can worsen back pain. If you aren’t capable of buying a new mattress try putting a ¾ thick piece of plywood between the base and the mattress. Get enough sleep to speed up healing time and it is advisable to sleep on your side.

Ice Pack – Apply ice pack on the affected area for 24 hours. This will reduce inflammation and remove some of the pain. Use a traditional ice pack, frozen peas or ice cubes wrapped in a dish cloth. Leave it on the painful area for 20 minutes and remove it 30 minutes, then put it back on again. Repeat this for at least 4 hours after the injury and then take a hot bath. If your injury occurred a day before, the cold will not affect the inflammation and pain. Apply heat on the affected area to increase the elasticity if the muscle and lessen the pain. Try soaking in a hot bath water or applying a heat pack for 20 minutes on the area. Pregnant women are not advised to soak in hot bath water for a long period of time. This can cause miscarriage or birth defects. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor for the right procedures.

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Relax – Relieve tension in your body by relaxing. Meditate, do breathing exercises or simply closing your eyes to relax can speed up healing.

Massage – Go for a rubdown! Find a friend, a spouse or a family member that you can convince to give you a massage. If you can’t find one, there is massage therapist available for house calls.

Taking aspirin or pain killers can help relieve the pain, but like most medications it can have side effects. People who have ulcers can’t take analgesics. Be careful of the aspirins you take and consult your doctor before taking it.

If your back pain is causing you IBS, numbness in the leg and weakness see your doctor immediately.

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