How to Prevent Razor Burn

Razor burn can be easily got when you are shaving. Being really unsightly and uncomfortable, razor burn can cause redness and irritation. Try our following instruction and learn how to prevent these annoying razor burns.

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Before shaving

•Remove the Dead Skin. Use a loofan or scrub lotion to remove the dead skin and bring out ingrown hairs.
•Soften the beard. Take a hot shower or steam to soften the beard and you can apply hair conditioner to the beard while shower to get the better results.
•Choose a sharp razor. Old, dull razors cause razor burn easily. Get a sharp razor to decrease the risk of getting razor burns. A safety razor is a good option for it can change blades frequently.
•Sterilize the blade with Alcohol. The bacteria on the blade may be the main cause of razor burn and irritation. So, sterilize your blade with alcohol before shaving.
•Apply shaving cream or gel. Apply the cream or gel to the entire area and leave it for few minutes, which can help increase the softness and reduce the skin irritation. A badger brush can be used to lather up the shaving cream to get better smoother shaves. Shaving oil can achieve the same effect too.

While shaving

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•Shave with the grain. Shave against the grain will result in razor burn and irritation easily. And shaving too close also increases the risk of getting razor burn.
•Shave with light, short strokes. Longer strokes may result in more pressure on the razor and then cause razor burns.
•Rinse the blade after every stroke. You should rinse the blade with hot water to remove the whiskers and shaving cream before you begin the next shave.

After shaving

•Wash your face with Cold water. Cold water can help reducing the chance of whiskers forming ingrown hairs.
•Apply moisturizer. Applying moisturizer can help soften the skin and reduce irritation and redness. A soothing balm is a good alternative. And you can also choose razor bump cream to prevent razor burns.
•Clean and dry your blade. Do the final rinse of the blade with alcohol and then dry it with a towel to prevent it from dulling quickly.


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