Makeup Trends for 2016

It’s time to put down your favorite contouring palette and step away from the no makeup look. The new year has come and new makeup trends are on the rise. There has been so many trends in the beginning of the year and now a few has managed to stand out and remained as a new makeup trends for 2016. We’ve complied some of the new makeup ideas you can try and help reinvigorate your makeup look this year. See each trend below and try them out for yourself.

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Candy Apple Lips

We’ve been seeing a lot of candy apple lip colors on the runway and magazines early this year. Now, it is one of the most requested colors from top brands. This take on red lipstick is a classic color with a twist. The satiny finish of the color gives the lips that plump appearance, but have a subtle edge. This color is more suitable if it is patent lacquer if you have light skin. It makes the paleness of the skin glowing and bright. People that have darker skin tones should opt for matter candy apple lipsticks. It makes the lips appear a lot brighter and edgy. Though, you can mix and match the different types of candy apple lipstick. This shade is perfect for all seasons. It can vary from cool to light tone. Try this color with bronze blush to make it pop.

Clumpy Lashes

It’s time to revive that 70’s clumpy mascara looks. Nothing screams 70’s eye makeup than clumpy mascara. This classic mascara trick creates more definition to the eyes without adding too much. It itself is enough to complete the makeup look. When applying your mascara, use the wand parallel to each lash and brush it back and forth. The motion of a reverse pendulum will create that clumpy mascara. Another trend that accompanies the clumpy mascara look is the faux freckles. Yes, people are now creating false freckles. Using a thin freckled color eyeshadow pencil, they would create small little freckles around the cheeks and nose. Blend it later on with the rest of the makeup. This looks create that hip and natural girl next door look. It is very retro and flirty. It looks amazing during day time and can be a great compliment to bright colored clothing.

Cobalt Blue

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One of the makeup look that started the year was the cobalt blue eyeliner or eyeshadow. This makeup look is standing through time and is becoming one of the most used makeup trend with Instagram celebrities and fashion shows. Cobalt blue is such a daring color, but is light on the eyes that it can still work well with everyday settings. Cobalt blue eyeliner is a great way to add color to your face without adding eyeshadow or any other bright color. Blue eyeshadow can also be used for smoky eyes or simple eyeshadow colors.

Bright Red Lips

The classic red lips have stood the test of time and has been a staple to every makeup trend every year. This year they created a new variation of going red lips and nothing else. That basically means you go with bare skin, eyes, cheeks, no contouring, just bright lips. Some would use BB creams to even out skin tone without covering it too much. This makeup trend is great for adding color to the face without creating too much fuss with your makeup. This is such a simple look that anyone can pull off. One of the most used colors for this makeup trend is the crimson liquid lipstick.

Sunset Eye Shadow

Last year dark eyes and smoky eye makeup ruled the red carpet and social media. Now, colors such as oranges, reds and blazing pinks are creating waves. This color blended together can create an amazing sunset inspired eyeshadow look that can easily transition from day to night. A lot of makeup artists have tried this eye makeup with orange and red lipstick. This combination of color is great for all skin tones and can complement different eye shapes. The darker your skin tone is, the stronger your orange shade should be. You can mix this eyeshadow look with thick false eyelashes to create an intense eye makeup look.

It is still the beginning of the year and other makeup trends will follow. Keep your eye out for them and see which one will become a staple trend of this year. You don’t know, you may be the person to create the next makeup trend. Experiment with makeup and see which one will suit you best. There are new products to try such as the rainbow highlighter and powder lipstick. Try out these new makeup ideas and share with us what you think about them.

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