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Natural Home Remedies for Clear Skin

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A trip to the local supermarket, beauty shop or pharmacy will make it clear that there’s a staggering selection of products formulated to deal with pimples. The sheer number of options available on the current can make the selection task extra challenging. The fact that each and every manufacturer is claiming to offer the best solution won’t help you either.

Before you give yourself a headache trying to figure out which among these plethora of anti-pimple products you should go for, look in and around your home for some things that can naturally give you clear skin. Because they are compatible with your body’s chemistry, nasty side effects can be dodged. Also, they won’t leave your pocket with a gigantic hole.

Lemon Juice

There are 3 things about lemon juice that makes it an excellent pimple-fighter. One, it dries up pimples. Two, it has antiseptic properties that help prevent new breakouts. Three, it helps lighten dark scars left behind by pimples. If you cannot stand the stinging sensation lemon juice creates upon application, dilute it with equal amounts of water.

Tea Tree Oil

Many anti-pimple products available these days rely on tea tree oil to deliver. This doesn’t come as a surprise because tea tree oil possesses antibacterial properties that help put a stop to the worsening of breakouts as well as the formation of new ones. Tea tree oil also helps soothe irritated skin so it can bounce back easily from a bout with pimples.

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Aloe Vera Gel

Scan the list of ingredients of various hand and body lotions and it’s not unlikely for you to encounter one herb again and again: aloe vera. There is no denying that aloe vera gel helps promote healthy and hydrated skin cells. Break an aloe vera leaf in half and apply the gel within to heal those pimples and fortify the skin with vitamins C and E.

Ice Cubes

A quick way to improve the appearance of red and inflamed pimples is by placing ice cubes on them. The cooling effect provided by ice cubes helps deal with redness by constricting the blood vessels. Ice cubes also help shrink large skin pores.

Fine Grained Salt

Paste out of fine grained salt and a little water helps dry up those pimples quicker. Additionally, it helps keep bacterial infection at bay. Use a cotton swab to apply this paste onto problem spots at least twice a day to see results in no time.

Ditch Processed Food

The consumption of processed food causes an accumulation of toxins within you. This can give your skin, an organ of elimination, a hard time flushing them out. It’s due to this why processed foods can cause breakouts to surface.

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Drink Water

As earlier said, the skin is an organ of elimination. Drinking plenty of water helps in the more efficient removal of toxins, thus lightening the workload of your skin. Staying hydrated is also a great way to attain a glowing complexion.

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