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Natural ways to Whiten Underarm

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Dark underarms have not been regarded well in the society. People with dark underarms find it embarrassing to wear sleeveless clothes, and participate in swimming events.

To properly address this problem, it is best to understand the common factors that cause it.

Causes of Dark Armpits

One side effect of diabetes is skin pigmentation. It may result to armpits that are darker. Keep watch over the insulin levels, making sure that proper treatment is applied.

Hereditary Factors
Factors such as too much weight gain, side effects of birth control pills, and hormones contribute to the darkening of the underarms.

When the armpits are exposed to friction, darkening of the skin occurs. Choose looser clothes and try to lose weight if excessive fat rubs against the fabric.

Using Deodorants and Antiperspirants Excessively
The strong chemical compounds used in deodorants cause the armpits to darken. Be careful with the deodorants and antiperspirants you use. Choose the ones designed for sensitive skin. Home remedies against body odor are a good alternative option.

Dead Cells
Dead cells that have accumulated on the underarms cause the darkening of the armpits. Gently rub scrubs or loofah on the armpit. Use lactic acid.

Stubble forms after shaving. These growths give the illusion of darker armpits. Shaving promotes ingrown hair. Waxing is recommended by most experts.

Ways to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Whitening Scrubs
If the cause is the accumulation of dead cells, whitening scrubs are the best option. Choose scrubs formulated for sensitive skin.

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Sandalwood and Rosewater
A paste made of sandalwood and water has skin lightening properties. Rosewater will make the skin softer.

Less Usage of Deodorants
Try alternative options for odor control. Some home remedies offer the best and healthiest ways to keep the body from bad odor. Baking soda, alum, and other anti-fungal powders are good options.

Saffron Mixtures
Take a pinch of saffron and mix it with two spoonful of milk or alternative cream. Apply on the underarm before sleeping. This also works in eliminating germs and bacteria.

Potato and Cucumber
Potato has bleaching properties. When rubbed on the armpits, the thin slices of potato help lighten the skin. Leave them on the skin for at least 15 minutes. Cucumber works great, too.

Lightening Masks
A handful of gram flour mixed with yogurt, lemon, and some turmeric powder act as a good mask. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes then rinse with water.

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Lemon Juice
Use lemon juice to rub on the skin before taking a bath. Lemon’s natural bleaching quality is great to treat the darkened spots.

Waxing or Electrolysis
Waxing is the better option when it comes to underarm hair removal. It works as a great exfoliant, too. Electrolysis is one method to remove them for good.

Use these tips and tricks to get rid of dark underarms. With these methods and remedies, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to promote lighter skin tone for your underarms.

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