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Reasons Why You Should Never Go to Sleep Hungry

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Skipping dinner because you are trying to lose excess pounds or you simply don’t have the time and energy because of stress? Then keep on reading — below you will come across some of the things that could happen if you jump into bed with your stomach empty and growling.

Here’s the deal, according to experts: hunger is something that can leave your brain active even while you are taking some Z’s, and this is something that can keep you from obtaining high-quality and uninterrupted sleep. We all know that there are so many unfavorable things that can stem from failure to get a good night’s sleep!

Are you curious to know the various reasons why it’s a terrible idea for you to go to sleep hungry regardless of your reason for doing so? Here are some of them:

High Levels of Stress

Getting 7 to 9 hours of restorative sleep per night is a great idea most especially if you are leading a particularly stressful lifestyle — plenty of sleep is vital for allowing your mind and body to bounce back so much better from stress.

Because hunger can keep you from taking a nice trip to dreamland, your levels of stress can be kept from being reduced. Everyone knows that there are so many different repercussions associated with too much stress.

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Mood Swings

Being sleep deprived can also have an unfavorable impact on your mood — it’s not unlikely for you to feel cranky the following day. Such can stem from the fact that your body is deprived of much-needed carbohydrates — carbs are role players in the synthesis of the happy hormone referred to as serotonin.

Especially if you are suffering from anxiety disorder or clinical depression, going to bed with your stomach complaining is not a good idea as it can worsen your psychological issue.

Lack of Energy

There is a possibility for you to feel totally wiped out the following day after sleeping without eating any dinner. You can put the blame of not having enough high-quality sleep and also having little to no energy left as much of it was already used by your various bodily processes while you were fast asleep.

Having an energy-dense breakfast may not be able to provide you with much-needed energy in an instant, and this can keep you from starting your day in the right way.

Weight Gain

If you think that steering clear of dinner can help you slim down, think again. Experts say that it can actually leave you gaining excess pounds!

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You can put the blame for unwanted weight gain on a couple of things. First, failure to get sufficient Z’s at night can slow down your metabolic rate — a sluggish metabolism can make slimming down really challenging. Second, lack of sleep can leave you with a voracious appetite, and it’s no secret that overeating can easily cause your waistline to expand.

THE TAKEAWAY: Whether you are trying to have a slimmer figure or simply completely exhausted at the end of a really tiring day, do your best to have a healthy dinner before you go to bed. And also, wait for 2 to 3 hours to pass before attempting to get some shut-eye. Otherwise, you may wind up with nighttime acid reflux which is something that comes with its very own set of unfavorable issues.

Got some family members and friends who often go to bed without having anything for dinner due to weight-related matters or stress? Then make sure that you repost this article before you go so that they, too, may be introduced to the above-mentioned things that could happen to them if it’s their habit to hit the hay hungry.


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