Clever Ways To Clear Out Adult Acne

If you think that acne is just a skin problem for most teens who are in their puberty stage, think again. Junk the myth that says only teens can suffer from acne. Even adults as late as 30 can still suffer from zits. In teen acne, the breakout is prominent on the forehead, cheeks and nose. In adult acne, the zit appears on the jawline, chin and neck.

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What causes breakout among adults? They are caused by the following factors: chronic stress, hormonal changes like menopause or switching or ceasing birth control pills, and medicines being taken like corticosteroids, lithium and anti-seizure drugs. Losing or gaining weight can also be the reason for your adult acne. When you shed or add pounds, it releases the following hormones like cortisol and androgen that can trigger eruption of pimples.  Skin experts reveal that when one hormone increases or decreases, the other hormone levels will change, leading to increased oil production.

Zap those unsightly zits by doing the following:

  • Stress Less. Reducing the amount of stress in your body lowers excess cortisol and allows your skin to regenerate. De-stressing can also produce endorphins that deliver calming effect. So, make time to de-stress. A good eight hours of sleep or a 30-minute daily exercise can help in relieving stress. In addition, exercise brings oxygen to skin cells, making it hard for acne bacteria to thrive.
  • Be starch smart. White bread and sugary products do not only add inches to your waist but they also increase blood sugar and insulin levels, the excretion of androgen hormone that may lead to pimples. Balance your hormones by choosing low glycemic foods such as whole grains and veggies that won’t aggravate acne.
  • Don’t be a pimple popper. Don’t pop pimples, as this will exacerbate the condition. Leave those zits to the skin experts.
  • Go for mild. Use a mild cleanser. Instead of using acne-fighting wash, supplement a mild cleanser with 2 percent salicylic acid spot treatment to treat breakouts without irritation. The use of acne wash may dry skin, which could trigger secretion of oil and pimples as well as leaving skin feeling tight.
  • Cleanse to unclog pores. Wash your face every night even if you do not wear makeup. The skin accumulates pore-clogging oil during the day. Hence, it is better to cleanse them to prevent clogged pores, causing acne. After washing, pat it to dry. Never rub your face to dry.
  • Retain moisture using noncomedogenic cream. Noncomedogenic moisturizer helps in soothing the skin without clogging the pores. Also, in choosing moisturizers, find an ingredient such as ceramides to restore the lipid barrier that retains moisture in skin or anti-inflammatories like niacinamide to calm the skin.
  • Retain a clear skin with retinoid. Try retinoid products like tretinoin. This vitamin A derivative was discovered about 50 years ago for the cure of acne due to its exfoliating properties and ability to unclog pores. It was also found out that it stimulates collagen production, which can firm the skin. The use of this product lessens wrinkles. This prescription strength retinoid can cause sting, look for gentler over-the-counter retinoid. Apply tretinoin in the evening only, in place of your regular moisturizer.
  • Switch to less irritating ones. For those who possess super-sensitive skin, use glycolic acid as alternative to retinoids. Glycolic acid can be less drying and less irritating compared to tretinoin.
  • Salicylic makes zits out. Use cosmetics with salicylic acid to fight acne. Salicylic acid unclogs pores and can penetrate better in the skin.
  • Consider popping a pill. If adult acne has not disappeared, consult your trusted dermatologists to help you with the treatment. She may prescribe you with topical or oral prescription medication such as antibiotics to reduce inflammation, contraceptives to regulate hormone or spironolactone to reduce oil production. Isotretinoin is also another prescription drug for acne but never take it if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant.
  • Rule out acne with these treatments. Chemical peel can do the work as it improves acne for a month or more. You can undergo IPL sessions. These dermatological treatments even out skin tone, shrink pore size and reduce oil production.
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