Hair Dye Tips and Tricks to Try

Changing your hair color completely, or just enhancing your current shade can make you feel more confident with yourself. It may not change your whole look, but it does help make you feel better in the long run. Some would let the pros do the job for them, while others prefer to dye their hair on their own. If you belong in the latter group, there is a huge chance that mistakes will be made, but the good news is that there are steps that can be taken to avoid them in the first place.

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For those who will be dyeing their hair on their own, you might want to consider the following tips and tricks.

Consider the right developer

Boxed dyes may help you change your hair color in a jiffy, but depending on the developer that it comes with, your hair may only lighten or darken two shades from your natural hair. This can be troublesome if you want to switch to a totally different hair color than your natural hair. If you want to do this correctly, it is much better to buy your developer and hair dye separately, so you can adjust how much lighter or darker your hair can turn out.

Get two boxes

If your hair is at shoulder-length or longer, you will need to get 2 boxes of hair dye to get the job done. When mixing the solution, do so in a plastic or glass bowl to prevent oxidation. Using a metal bowl can alter your hair dye which can affect the color that you will be applying on your hair.

Focus on your roots during touchups

One of the most common mistakes that people make when dyeing their hair on their own is that they accidentally touch up the ends of their hair. Since your hair grows long after a while, the color at the roots can go back to its natural shade. Focusing your touchup on this area is important. If you want to avoid staining the ends of your hair, apply conditioner on the ends of your hair so that, when you rinse your hair, it will not damage the ends.

DIY your gloss

Using a color-refreshing gloss can cost you some money and may even leave your hair with that weird tint for that matter. If you don’t want to spend money, you can actually make your own and will not cost that much too. Start by mixing a teaspoon of color with the same amount or more of the developer then pour the contents in your application bottle. Add a big squirt of your shampoo before mixing the contents thoroughly. Apply it on your damp hair and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly then apply conditioner afterwards. Your hair will look amazing afterwards.

Learn when you should go light or dark

When changing your hair color on your own, here’s a rule to consider: if you are using permanent dye, go for a color that is a bit darker than the color that you originally want since you will be using a strong developer on your hair. On the other hand, if you are using a semi-permanent dye, go for something lighter than the one you want to use. Take note that semi-permanent formulas don’t come with a developer which means that they will darken the longer that you leave it on your hair.

These are just a few tips and tricks that you can follow, if you are planning on dyeing your hair on your own.

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