Korean Diet Secrets for That Youthful Looking Skin

People nowadays are keeping tabs on Korean skin care ever since they came out with their latest rendition of BB cream and tips on how to hydrate one’s skin as well. And although many have been copying their skin care regimen, it appears that we should also consider the diet that they are following because it is giving them that youthful looking skin too.

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If you take a closer look at their diet, you will find that Koreans often go for fermented foods, vegetables, and whole foods rather than the processed foods that we are so fond of. So, what Korean diet secrets should we follow? Here are a few to get you started.


This is a popular Korean fermented dish that contains healthy bacteria that is good for you gut. Scientists believe that having a healthy gut is essential to having great looking skin since there is no inflammation. When your gut is imbalanced or when there is inflammation happening, acne breakouts and other skin problems may arise.


Seaweed has always been a staple in Korean food because it promotes good health. This is due to the fact that seaweed contains various minerals that came from the sea which have anti-inflammatory properties. The most important mineral that seaweed has is iodine which prevents muscle weakness, fatigue, and high cholesterol just to name a few.

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This rice wine has this slightly sweet taste to it and is made using yeast, fermented rice, and water with about 6 to 8 percent alcohol content. What makes this beverage good for the skin is the fact that a bottle of Makgeolli already contains the same amount of probiotic cultures found in a hundred yogurt cups which means that it is actually good for your digestive system and in turn, your skin. You can find Makgeolli face masks too that promote healthy, young looking skin as well.


If Westerners are fond of their sodas, Koreans love their tea so much that it is already part of their daily rituals. Koreans based their tea on the benefits that they can get from them. Most types of teas have antioxidants in them and they are also good for hydrating your body. Another plus to drinking tea is that it helps you feel calm and relaxed which can keep your stress levels at bay. How is this important to your skin’s health? Well, if you have low stress levels, your skin is less likely to break out in acne.

Soups and stews

What other Korean diet secrets should you know of? It appears that Koreans are also fond of preparing soups and stews from chicken, to beef, seafood, and even bones too as the bases. They add gochujang or red pepper paste, and other ingredients to create a dish that is not only warm to the stomach, but is also high in collagen content. We all know that collagen is the highest amount of protein present in our body and is important to our connective tissues. It is responsible for various things from the strength and health of our cartilage, to our skin, all the way to the bones. Preparing soups and stews and adding them to your diet may help increase collagen levels in your body.

As you can see, these Korean diet secrets are proving to be helpful in maintaining one’s youthful glow. If you find yourself wishing to banish those fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, or you just want to get back that natural glow to your skin, you might want to add these Korean diet secrets to your diet too.

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