Different Ways to Lose Water Weight Safely and Naturally

Water weight — it’s the usual go-to fall guy of someone who is unhappy with the numbers on the bathroom scale. This is the reason why water pills that promote diuresis are so popular among a lot of weight watchers who want to enjoy immediate results so that they could fit in those skinny pants or skimpy bathing suits much better.

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Our bodies retain excess water for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is caused by chronic stress, while other times it’s the result of exposure to environmental pollutants.

There are instances, too, when it’s a side effect of medications. And speaking of which, there are many different medical conditions that can cause a person’s body to hold on to water. High blood pressure or hypertension is one of them. Various digestive disorders can be blamed, too. Autoimmune diseases and cancer can also be culprits.

Oh, and it’s also very common for women to be bugged by water weight. This is especially true during their periods or while they are in the family way.

Water weight, for most people, is not really a life-and-death matter. More often than not, it’s just brought about by poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Definitely, water retention is something that can take away a person’s self-confidence, thus ultimately affecting his or her quality of life.

Pestered by water weight? Instead of popping water pills in your mouth and risk encountering some nasty side effects, why not attempt to eliminate excess fluids naturally? Read on if you are on the hunt for some tips and tricks on getting rid of water weight naturally, safely and effectively!

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Exercise on a Regular Basis

One of the quickest ways to zap water weight fast is by exercising — your profuse sweating is proof that you are making those excess fluids go away. However, always remember to keep on glugging down water as you exercise in order to maintain optimal hydration levels and ward off muscle fatigue and cramps.

Keep Stress at Bay

While it’s true that it can be hard for an adult to lead a stress-free life these days, it is still possible to keep one’s stress levels to a minimum. There are also tons of ways to counter stress at the end of the day, from doing yoga to having a massage. It’s of utmost importance, too, for you to get a good night’s sleep each time.

Reduce Intake of Salt

Nothing can make you pack excess fluids than salt! So if you don’t want to be bugged by water weight (plus other health scares associated with high sodium intake) then keep your consumption of salt within the normal range. Always read food labels as excess salt lurks in so many of your favorite foods and beverages.

Consume Coffee or Tea

Did you know that caffeine is something that encourages the body to let go of excess fluids? This is the reason why the intake of coffee or tea can help zap water weight instantly. While soda also contains caffeine, dodge it because it contains loads of something that can definitely sabotage your attempt to lose weight: refined sugar.

Eat Foods Rich in Potassium

It’s no secret that potassium can help keep high blood pressure at bay. But did you know that this mineral also helps in promoting urine production to eliminate too much sodium in the body? So make sure that you regularly eat potassium-containing foods like bananas, avocados, beans and dark green leafy veggies.

Avoid Processed Foods

There are tons of chemicals present in various food products, and many of them can cause hormonal imbalance. One of the many unfavorable effects of having the hormone levels in a mess is water retention. Definitely, you should opt for whole and preferably organic foods if you don’t want excess water around.

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