What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Soda?

Sodas appear pretty harmless. It’s a great drink when we want something healthy and refreshing. However, if you start to drink a bottle of soda every meal or consume at least half a big bottle every day then it becomes dangerous. Sodas can become addicting like drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. But unlike these common vices there are no rules or laws stopping us from buying sodas or giving us a warning on its negative effects. Sodas can make us feel good when we drink it, but consuming it over time will wreak havoc on your health. There are a lot of well researched studies on the effect on sodas in the body. These should be enough to convince you to lower the intake or to remove it from your diet completely. If scare tactics are not enough to persuade you, how about learning the positive effects? See the progressive effects of exiling soda from your life to your organs. Here are the different things that happen to your body when you stop drinking diet soda.

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One of the organs that would be incredibly thankful if you quit drinking soda is your heart. Recent studies showed that sugary drinks will increase a person’s risk of developing chronic heart disease. The studies exhibited participants that consumed the most amount of sodas in a day are more likely to have a heart attack by 20 percent than those consume regular amounts. A study done in 2011 proved that sugary beverages also affect blood pressure. The more sodas you drink the higher your blood pressures become. Cutting back at least to one soda per day can significantly decrease your blood pressure and reduce chances of heart disease.


Sodas can affect our brains a lot more than we actually think. Sodas contain caffeine that can help with focus. Sugar in the soda can give us a temporary boost of energy. But speaking long term soda consumption the caffeine and sugar will surely cause damage to the brain. Other chemicals combine with sugar and caffeine in soda can cause a negative effect of the thinking process and brain function. Studies showed that long term usage of sodas can lead to memory problems, behavioral changes and impaired learning.


People used to use sodas as a way to urinate more often. Sodas are diuretics that can help make you pee more frequently and urgently. It can also affect your bladder. Irritation in the bladder, such as urinary tract infections and exacerbate bladder infection can be caused by excessive soda consumption. Substitute your soda with water or other healthier options. This will reduce the chances of infection and improve bladder function.


Sodas are highly acidic and can destroy teeth. The ingredient in your soda can cause your enamel to erode. This will then lead to numerous dental problems and even the complete loss of your teeth. Drinking soda everyday has the same negative effect on your teeth as you using meth everyday. A study was done on a woman who consumed 2 liters of diet soda a day for five years. She acquired severe tooth erosion that can be compared to a crack or meth user. She had to undergo expensive and intensive oral surgery to properly speak and eat. The citric acid in the soda is what causes the enamel to soften. This make is more vulnerable to breaking. The color of the soda can also cause a yellowish tint. Just straying away from soda can help improve your overall oral health.


Removing soda from your diet can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and improve bone health. Sodas contain no healthy ingredient that can help bones. It can cause the bones to weaken in long term consumption. Substituting your regular soda for a calcium fortified drink can help your bones, make your teeth stronger and help with nutrient absorption.

Sodas were never supposed to be consumed regularly. Just by the amount of unhealthy ingredients alone should have been a warning. May it be diet soda or regular ones. Take note of the positive effects above and use it as inspiration to stop drinking soda. Have you ever tried quitting drinking sodas? How did affect your body and how did you manage to remove it from your system for good? Share it here!

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