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10 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Start Pole Dancing

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Pole dancing, which was formerly popularly associated with strippers and sex dungeons, is now a widely accepted form of exercise. Though seen as a way of women to seduce men to make a living, this exotic kind of dance is actually a shame-free way to burn excess calories and tone every muscle in the body.

But, have you ever wondered how pole dancers get those lean toned and sexy bodies? Here are 10 benefits of pole dancing that would make you want to learn its sensual moves.

One of the best methods to maintain a healthy heart is to keep it at a regular pumping rate. And what better way to do this than doing a dance routine that is enjoyable to you and your significant other? Pole dancing fits the bill with its sensual and consistent moves.

Strippers, as you may notice, have very toned legs. Aside from spending the entire evening in at least six-inch stilettos, they also have the a hell of a time working their way up and down that pole on stage. The usual moves in pole dancing work out the legs and the calves which carry the dancer’s body weight.

Many are worried about their unsexy arms, particularly that nasty arm flab. This was never an issue for pole dancers because they constantly make use of their biceps and triceps during their performances where they lift their body using only their bare arms—not a single harness in sight.

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Getting out of shape usually entails being a bit weaker than others. Pole dancing can quickly remedy that. Aside from getting those muscles toned—fats removed, that is—pole dancing also strengthens them after every performance.

If you’re not that into yoga because you’re as stiff as a stick, you may want to begin learning pole dancing. Because it is more exciting than the dull pose changes of yoga, it acts as a perfect alternative for women who wish to be more fit minus the dragging focus sessions.

Though some may not admit it, couples need to have a little bit of spice every once in a while not only to crank up the hotness of the love making, but also to emphasize women—and men’s—sexy bods.

Regular dance lessons are more difficult than you think. Though they give you that sexy feeling every time you perform, dancing usually leaves you out of breath—not to mention the risk of tripping if you have two left feet. Pole dancing, on the other hand, not only is easier (believe it or not) but is also safer because the pole won’t let you fall down.

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What better way to make a person feel more confident than to have a toned sexy body to show off? Of course, to have this, you would need to exercise and most of us do not do that. However, pole dancing, because of its exotic effect, is more eye-catching, not to mention fun.

The feeling of self-worth is most reachable when you have nothing to be ashamed of. As mentioned above, an eye-catching figure achieved through dancing up and down the pole may be just what you need to boost your self-esteem.

Because it is now widely accepted as a legitimate way to exercise, pole dancing is one thing you don’t have to be ashamed of. Who knows? You might entice your partner to a hotter love making when he notices your toned abs, arms and buttocks. However, you may also keep it as you dirty little secret to spice your life up.

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