17 Home Remedies for Traveler’s Diarrhea

One of the worst things to have during vacation is traveler’s Diarrhea. This illness is said to be caused by a sudden change in surrounding and eating habit. Research has proven that is not the case. A bacteria present in the body is at fault.  Depending on the location of your vacation the chances of activating this bacteria differs. Diarrhea like this can last from days to weeks.

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No one wants to spend their much deserve a vacation in their hotel rooms in pain and running to the bathroom every few minutes. Here are some home remedies to help you prevent getting traveler’s Diarrhea.


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  • Avoid drinking anything that isn’t in a safe, sealed bottle.
  • Open your own bottles and make sure that it is sealed properly, to avoid getting unwanted bacteria.
  • Say no to ice cubes, ice cubes are made from tap water.
  • Don’t consume unfamiliar dairy products or unpasteurized milk.
  • Be careful of the beverages you drink. Makes sure everything is made with clean water.
  • Avoid eating raw during your stay. Stick to foods that are cooked and avoid raw veggies too! Vegetables are easily susceptible to bacteria and germs.
  • Eat fruits that you need to peel yourself. Instead of buying cut up fruits peel them yourself and avoid getting second hand food and bacteria.
  • Buy pre packed foods like granola bars and cereal.

If you are unluckily struck with Travelers’ diarrhea here are some coping remedies you can do:

  • Buy oral rehydration mix to replenish electrolytes lost.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Diarrhea can cause dehydration and nausea.
  • Drink water, soups, broths or fruit juices, replenish liquid and nutrients lost.
  • Sip some water every few minutes and not drink one bottle of water in one sitting.
  • Create your own oral hydration mix with four tablespoons sugar, half a teaspoon of salt and baking soda. Mix with a liter of water until completely dissolved.
  • Avoid drinking too much anti-motility drugs. It’s okay to drink it for emergency situations.
  • Avoid foods that irritate the stomach and digestive system. Opt for simple toast, noodles, bananas and crackers.
  • Bring antibiotic. Go to your doctor before leaving for a trip and ask for antibiotic that you will need for your travels.
  • Bring medication for traveler’s diarrhea, especially when going to a tropical country.


Traveler’s diarrhea is awful! Avoid it at all cost! Follow this preventive measure and make sure not to eat anything that you think will upset your stomach. Avoid eating local street foods or drinking tap water. Lessen your risk of getting TD and get the vacation you deserve.



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