Bumping Into Really Helpful Tips on Healing Bumps

A bump happens when you knock or bang your head or any other body part hard enough to damage the blood vessels in the area and cause blood to leak. It is also due to the body’s natural response when an injury or a trauma is encountered.

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Provided that there are no signs of a concussion present (lethargy, dizziness, blurring of vision, severe headache, slurred speech and even constriction of the pupils of the eyes), the bump may be remedied through some simple solutions performed outside a medical facility. The following are some homemade remedies for bumps:

Ice the Bump
One of the very first steps you need to take is apply an icepack on the affected area. The cold will help constrict the affected blood vessels, thus preventing the further leaking and pooling of blood. For a small or minor bump, applying ice pack once for about 5 to 10 minutes is usually enough. For a huge bump, you may have to ice the area several times a day.

Apply Warm Compress
There are times when applying warm compress can also help in dissipating the pain. After icing the area, you may opt for a warm compress to lessen the throbbing sensation. Do this by soaking a small towel in warm water. Wring out the excess, fold neatly and place over the bump. Repeat when the towel is already cold.

Place Crushed Parsley Leaves
If you have parsley in your garden, rush outside and grab a handful of leaves. Clean and crush them, and place on the injured area. It is said that the juice of parsley is effective in combating inflammation as well as providing pain relief. The application of crushed parsley leaves on the bump may hasten its disappearance.

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Gently Massage St. John’s Wort Oil
Use your fingertips to gently massage St. John’s Wort oil on the bump. Other than being taken for orally for depression and anxiety, St. John’s Wort has also been used for centuries for wound healing. Tannins in St. John’s Worth oil are known to put a stop to capillary bleeding and shrink enlarged tissues, thus helping to reduce the size of the bump.

Apply Vinegar with Warm Water
Aside from adding a wallop of kick to salad dressings, vinegar is also an excellent home remedy for bumps. That’s because the acidic liquid is capable of dispersing blood that has collected in the injured area. Adding it to equal parts of warm water helps ward off inflammation quickly as well as provide much-needed relief from the throbbing pain.

Beat Egg Whites
In a bowl, beat the white part of an egg. Use your fingertips to apply the frothy liquid directly on the bump. Allow it to stay on the area for about 15 minutes then gently wipe off with a soft, damp cloth. This home remedy is said to help promote better blood circulation and shrink the size of the bump considerably.

Apply Arnica Gel or Ointment
Check your medicine cabinet if there’s a small tube of arnica gel or ointment. Apply it on the bump in order to help reduce the swelling. Arnica is an herb revered for its ability to hasten the healing of bruises and bumps. Gently rub arnica gel or ointment on the bump daily until it completely goes away.

Load Up on Vitamin C
Pop a vitamin C supplement in your mouth. This nutrient is known to help repair damaged tissues, strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and promote better circulation. It’s also a good idea to consume foods that are loaded with vitamin C such as oranges, guavas, yellow bell peppers, kiwis, berries and dark green leafy vegetables.

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