Easy-to-Make Grated Sweet Potato Dumpling Recipe

Crazy over dumplings but you hate the fact that they are commonly deep fried and do not contain enough dietary fiber? The you’re in luck — dump that frown and put a smile on your face because this article will teach you how to make dumplings that are so healthy because they are boiled and out of sweet potatoes!

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The sweet potato dumplings you will learn to whip up courtesy of the recipe found below is really easy to make. For as long as you know to peel, grate and boil, serving some of the tastiest and healthiest dumplings on the face of the planet shouldn’t make you break a sweat.

Because of the fact that these dumplings are out of sweet potatoes, you can be certain that every serving is loaded with dietary fiber and all sorts of vitamins and minerals. According to nutrition experts, the following are just some of the numerous health benefits that sweet potatoes are offering:

Strengthened immune system

Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin C that makes your immune system so much more effective at fighting off bacteria and viruses that attack the body and cause problems.

Better eyesight

There are loads of beta carotene present in sweet potatoes, and eye experts say that beta carotene is important for keeping the eyes healthy and the vision in an excellent condition.

Lowered cancer risk

Being an antioxidant, beta carotene found in sweet potatoes may help lower a person’s risk of cancer, most especially cancer of the kidneys, prostate gland and the large intestines.

Regulated bowel movement

Speaking of the large intestines, the regular consumption of sweet potatoes can help in saving you from becoming constipated because this root vegetable is a wonderful source of fiber.

Controlled blood sugar

In moderation, diabetics can benefit from eating sweet potatoes because their fiber content can help in maintaining healthy and normal blood sugar levels in the bloodstream.

Lowered blood pressure

Sweet potatoes are also good for those who are suffering from hypertension because their potassium content, according to doctors, can help in keeping the blood pressure from rising.

Reduced inflammation

There are a number of compounds and nutrients present in sweet potatoes that make these types of spuds excellent fighters of inflammation, thus it helps relieve joint pain and swelling.

The above are just a few of the perks you can get from eating sweet potatoes. It’s plain to see that these root vegetables are so good for you, and that’s why making dumplings out of them is a magnificent gastronomic idea!

So how do you make sweet potato dumplings that enable you to enjoy all of the above mentioned health benefits in a way that also pleases your taste buds and belly? Here’s how:


10 medium-sized sweet potatoes

2 large eggs

3 cups of all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon of ground black pepper

1 teaspoon of sea salt


-Get the sweet potatoes washed and peeled. 

-Reach for a hand grater and start grating your sweet potatoes. If you want, you may also use your food processor to make the job a lot easier and faster. 

-In a large bowl, combine grated sweet potatoes and eggs. Mix very well. 

-Sprinkle ground black pepper and sea salt. Mix again. 

-While mixing, slowly add all-purpose flour into the grated sweet potato and egg mix. 

-Using your hands, turn all of the mixture into small balls. 

-Grab a large pot and fill 3/4 of it with water. Bring to a boil. 

-Once already roll boiling, switch to low heat. 

-Carefully place the sweet potato dumplings in the roll boiling water. 

-Using a strainer spoon, fish out sweet potato dumplings that are floating — they will float once cooked. 

-Allow to cool for a while and serve your homemade grated sweet potato dumplings.

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