Health Benefits of Arame

Do you steer clear of sea vegetables because you feel that they are simply too slimy and fishy-tasting? Well, you will be glad to know that not all veggies coming from the ocean are like that. Case in point: arame, a brown-colored seaweed that possesses a mild and kind of sweet flavor, plus it has a texture similar to that of a noodle.

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Arame is so pleasing both taste- and texture-wise that it is often used for garnishing muffins and various other baked treats. But just like many other sea vegetables, arame is also commonly added to soups, stews and salad. There are lots and lots of Korean and most especially Japanese dishes that actually contain arame.

Being more delightful than most of its counterparts is a wonderful thing because arame is good for your wellness. Its inclusion in your diet on a regular basis can help ward off a number of health issues. So the next time you are paying your local Asian grocer a visit, grab some arame so that you may enjoy the following incredible benefits:

Tougher Bones

A couple of reasons exist why arame is great for keeping osteoporosis from bugging you in the future. First, this seaweed is a great source of calcium known to make the bones really strong. Second, arame contains vitamin K, which helps improve calcium absorption. By the way, vitamin K is also good for your blood.

Stronger Immune System

There’s also vitamin C present in every serving of arame. This only means that throwing some of this brown-colored sea vegetable into your soups, stews or salads more often can help make your immune system a lot stronger. As a result, you will have lower risk of suffering from upper respiratory tract infections.

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Lovelier Skin and Hair

Vitamin C may also be considered as a beautifying ingredient. It’s for the fact that it is an antioxidant that shields your skin cells from those free radicals that can accelerate aging. Also, it is necessary for the synthesis of collagen! Vitamin C helps make your hair become strong and shiny, too.

Better Metabolism

One of the key nutrients present in arame is iodine, and it’s so important for keeping your thyroid gland in an optimum shape. This gland of yours that is situated in your neck carries out so many crucial tasks, and one of them is your metabolism. Temperature and heart rate regulation are others.

Lesser Risk of Cancer

Scientists say that arame contains loads of cancer-fighting compounds, and that’s why its regular addition to your diet may lower your risk of having to battle the big C one day. Since arame is also a great source of dietary fiber, consuming it more often may help prevent colon cancer.

Bigger Muscles

Are you a vegan or avoiding most animal products that contain lots of fat and cholesterol? Then make sure that you include arame in your diet on a regular basis so that you may get your dose of protein. Aside from building your muscles, protein is also essential for many other bodily processes.

If you’re impressed with the many different perks that arame brings, remember to share this article so that your family and friends, too, can be introduced to this truly amazing sea vegetable!

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