Here are the Reasons Why Herring is Good for You

You should include at least two servings of fish per week, according to nutrition experts. However, one should not disregard the fact that fish does contain mercury — some fish have lots of them, while others have trace amounts only. Herring is one of those that are low in mercury. Rejoice!

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Without further ado, here are some of the great reasons why herring should be included in your diet regularly:

It Promotes a Healthy Number of Red Blood Cells

Your red blood cells are the ones that make it possible for your blood to distribute oxygen. There are a couple of nutrients present in herring that are vital for the synthesis of red blood cells. One of them is iron, and the other one is vitamin B12. Protein found copiously in herring is also an important role player.

It Builds, Repairs and Maintains Muscles

Speaking of protein, lots of it can be found in herring. This only means that the regular inclusion of herring in your diet can help you build lean muscles. Also, it will help keep those muscles in tip-top shape. Aside from muscle building and maintenance, protein is essential for the production of certain hormones and enzymes, too.

It Helps You Get Rid of Unwanted Body Pounds

Experts in nutrition say that protein helps make you feel satiated, thus it promotes weight loss. What’s more, protein can actually make the metabolism accelerate because it requires lots of energy to be processed. So if you want to eliminate excess pounds, make sure that you welcome protein-rich herring at the table more often.

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It Strengthens the Bones and Prevents Osteoporosis

We all know that calcium is a mineral necessary for strong bones, thus helping to prevent fractures and osteoporosis. Did you know that there are a handful of other minerals important for strengthening the bones? Some of them include phosphorus and magnesium — both of which can be obtained from herring.

It Lowers One’s Risk of Heart Disease

Abundant amounts of healthy fats can be found in every serving of herring. The said fats help lower bad cholesterol levels and keep the blood pressure within the normal range. As a result, a person’s risk of heart disease can be reduced considerably. So if you really love your heart, include herring at least twice a week in your diet.

It Promotes a Healthy Nervous System

Healthy fats present in herring are also important for keeping the nervous system in an excellent shape. According to nutrition experts, those healthy fats encourage the brain to function properly. In addition, they serve as nourishment to the nerves, allowing them to work very well as well as saving them from damage.

It Helps Put an End to Chronic Inflammation

Lastly, it is a good idea to regularly consume herring because the said seafood is anti-inflammatory. You definitely don’t want to have inflammation going on within your body as it is linked to a staggering number of health problems, medical professionals say. Some of them are various skin conditions, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

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