Relieve Stress Instantly by This Massage

A doctor of medical science and psychiatry, Mark Sandomirsky, advised his patients that this technique will relieve stress.

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The source of stress really varies and people always experience it in different ways. Once the stress sets in, most people, are left feeling uneasy and anxious, followed by a sensation of heaviness and tenderness in parts of their body.

The initial step to releasing stress is to rid yourself of the negative emotions. Don’t bottle them up within yourself. Next is to remove the physical effects of the stress- here comes the best part. This is where the psycho-reflexology comes into play. The body has certain anti-stress points and all that needs to be done is simply massage these points to relieve the stress.

Shen Men of “The Gate of Heaven” – as the ancient Chinese referred to this point. Shen Men is an anti-stress point that decreases stress, boosts energy flow, and strengthens the overall health.  It is located at the apex of the triangular fossa or at the centre if the upper third of the ear as shown below.  It is one of the most recognized auricular points and is used in the treatment of most ailments. Shen Men is known to have a powerful influence in treating various conditions, including pain, sedation, addiction treatment, and inflammation.

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Dr. Sandomirsky advices:

1. Using a cotton bud press this point and gently massage it. Breathe deeply.
2.  Then listen to your body carefully, while doing deep breathing.
3.  When you inhale look to the left, and on the exhale look to the right
4.  Then you will feel how your body calms down.

Extra tips:

  • Massage this point using your fingers.
  • Massage it well every time you are stressed.
  • You can also repeat this technique every night before you go to bed.


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