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The Many Perks of Fake Tanning

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It’s no secret that sporting a sun-kissed glow can make you look lovelier and healthier, thus making you feel wonderful inside. These days, you really don’t have to sit under the sweltering sun for hours just to have a bronzed complexion. The availability of various fake tanning products — lotions, creams, gels, sprays and even wipes — allows you to have a gorgeous skin tone without sunbathing or stepping foot inside a tanning salon.

Especially when applied carefully and according to the manufacturer’s direction, it’s possible for you to attain a realistic outcome. Continue reading to know why it’s a great idea to turn your back on sunbathing and choose fake tanning instead.

There’s Gain Even Without Pain

Overstay under the sun and you are likely to end up with painful and peeling skin. It’s not unlikely for you to fail pulling off a darker complexion if your skin is throbbing everywhere. With fake tanning, there’s no need to go through a lot of pain just for the sake of looking lovelier.

Considerably Reduced Risk of Skin Cancer

It’s true that the sun is available for free. However, you may have to pay a very steep price in the future for darkening your complexion at no cost — skin cancer! Especially if not detected and treated early on, skin cancer can cost you your life. Tanning minus the sun keeps your skin from being bombarded with UV rays that trigger skin cancer.

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No Need to Sport Unsightly Tan Lines

Tan lines can be tacky and unattractive. Unless you are willing to bake under the sun in the nude, you have no choice but to put up with unsightly tan lines if you go sunbathing. With sunless tanning, you can enjoy bronzed complexion and be able to wear anything you like without worrying about tan lines.

Multiplication of Freckles is Kept at Bay

Some women find having lots of freckles cute. If you believe otherwise, opting for a fake tan can save you from ending up with more freckles. Other than keeping your freckles from multiplying, tanning minus the sun may also allow you to hide them especially if you pick the right fake tan shade.

You Can Choose From Various Shades

One of the nicest thing about fake tanning is you have total control on the intensity of the resulting color. When shopping for an indoor tanning lotion, cream, gel, spray or wipes, you can choose from the available different tan shades. It’s completely up to you if you want a subtle change in complexion or a dramatic one.

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Sun Damage and Skin Aging Can be Kept at Bay

Dermatologists say that the prime cause of premature aging of the skin is too much exposure to the sun. If you want to save your skin from sun damage as well as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, it’s a wonderful idea to skip sunbathing for good and opt for fake tanning instead.

You Can Enjoy Bronzed Skin Tone — Not Red

Many women simply cannot sport that gorgeous sun-kissed glow no matter how long they sit under the scorching sun. This is especially true for those with really pale complexion. If you’re one of them, you’ll be thankful for the ready availability of fake tanning products that can give you bronzed skin and not just bright red.

The Resulting Tan is Even All Over

When sunbathing, you have to carefully measure how much sun your front and back are getting to ensure an even tan. Ending up with an uneven skin tone should be the least of your concerns if you go for indoor tanning. Just make sure you smooth the tanner evenly from head to foot, as well as get the help of someone to apply it on your back.

It’s Possible to Tan Certain Body Parts Only

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Want to be a complete stunner wearing a sleeveless long gown at your friend’s wedding? Go ahead and choose to tan your neck, shoulders and arms only. With fake tanning, it’s completely up to you to decide whether you want to darken your skin all over or just a few areas.

Getting a Gorgeous Glow is Possible All Year Round

Fake tanning allows you to enjoy a sun-kissed glow when everybody else looks pale because of the season or weather. Thanks to a sunless tanner, you can sport a bronzed complexion no matter what time of the year it is. Looking great need not depend on the sun’s availability.

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