Tips on How to Make Your Space a Happier One

Creating a happy home is not just about the people living in it but also the design of the space available.  Most of the time, we spend the entire day out of the house and simply throw our things in our bed when we get home because we are too tired to do anything else. What we end up with is a house that doesn’t feel like home at all. Fortunately, you can actually make your home a happier and cheerful one with a few changes to your space. Here are a few tips for you to try.

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Place work desk near facing towards the window

Have you ever noticed that your productivity levels go down when your work table is facing the wall? This is because your creativity is being blocked by the wall. If you want to increase your creativity, you should move your desk facing the window. Not only will this help you get some sunshine which has been found to make you more alert, but it will also increase your creativity levels too.

Choose your colors

The colors of your home can also contribute to the overall appearance of your home which is why you need to go for colors that flatter or complement you. Keep in mind that this is your space that you are working on so choose shades that bring out the best in you.

Use tinted or halogen bulbs for the living room

Keep in mind that you need to brighten your space up. Light up your space with halogen or tinted bulbs so that everything is visible. You can add other lighting solutions, like tea lights, and lamps too, if you want to tone down the lighting as needed.

Decorate with objects that you love

When it comes to decorating your space, go for things that you love. You will find that there is always space for vases, knick knacks, and whatever decorative pieces that you find in your home especially when they are things that you love the most. Regardless of whether it is in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, go for items that you love.

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Add spider plant in the kitchen

Adding plants to your home can certainly cheer it up so why not put some in your kitchen? Choose spider plant to dress up your kitchen because it absorbs any smell from the kitchen while giving back oxygen to your space. Put the plant in a hanging basket and place it near a natural light source and it will give you more benefits such as purifying the air too.

White paint works

Do not underestimate the power of white paint when it comes to your space. White paint bounces light off so that your space will be more illuminated. If you want to liven up your space, choose white as your wall color and you will see different lights bouncing back around your space.

Blues in the bedroom

Painting your bedroom in shades of blue will help you feel relaxed. This is because blues have calming properties that will make it easier for you to relax and unwind at night. Go for soothing shades such as light blues, corals, and lavenders in the bedroom and you will find that it won’t be difficult to drift off to sleep afterwards.

Opt for furniture that has curves

It is always a good idea to choose furniture that has curves, with lighting fixtures that are rounded too. This gives your space that much needed homeliness to it. This is because your space is softened with the rounded shapes which make it more livable.

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