Top Home Remedies for Rosacea

At first glance, rosacea may closely resemble acne or sunburn. This chronic skin condition is actually brought about by the inflammation and enlargement of the blood vessels usually found in the face. Various signs such as red patches and bumps tend to occur on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. It’s not unlikely for someone with rosacea to also experience pain and burning sensation on the affected areas.

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In case you develop rosacea, you are likely to have it for life. Another bad news is there is no known cure for it. Fret not because it doesn’t mean that you constantly have to go through the signs and symptoms of this inflammatory skin condition. It is possible for your skin to be clear and pain-free for days, weeks or even years.

There are certain things that may cause the condition to flare up or get aggravated. Some of them include too much exposure to the sun, intensive exercise, physical and mental stress, excessive alcohol consumption and extreme temperatures. Individuals with fair complexion tend to develop redness of the skin much easily.

Even though the experts haven’t found a cure for rosacea yet, it is possible to have the different signs and symptoms to be put under control. Aside from the recommendations of your chosen specialist, there are also a handful of home remedies that you may try. Here are some of the most effective ones:

Chilled Green Tea

It’s no secret that green tea possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties, something that makes it effective in reducing the appearance of rosacea on the affected areas of the face. Simply brew a bag of green tea in a cup of boiling water. Allow it to cool to room temperature then stash in the fridge for a few minutes. Once chilled, daub it on your skin using a cotton ball. It’s also a great idea to regularly drink green tea to attain healing of the symptoms from within.

Lavender Oil

Just like green tea, lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help shrink those red and swollen blood vessels. All you have to do is apply this really fragrant oil on problem areas. However, make sure you are not like some people who tend to experience skin irritation upon the topical application of lavender oil. If you are having a hard time getting some sleep at night due to the burning sensation, take a whiff of lavender oil as it has calming properties too.

Raw Oatmeal

Oatmeal is known to provide effective relief from various skin irritations. That is why you may rely on it each time your rosacea flares up. All you need to do is mix 1/2 cup of raw oatmeal and 1/4 cup of water in a small bowl to make a thick paste. It is a good idea to use cold water to help in shrinking those inflamed blood vessels on your face. Apply the paste lightly on your face to avoid aggravating your already irritated skin. Leave it there for 20 minutes and rinse off.


The soothing properties of honey make it a wonderful home remedy for rosacea. This highly nutritious and saccharine liquid has antioxidants that help deal with inflammation. Honey also has excellent antimicrobial properties, making it effective against one of the cosmetic problems associated with rosacea: acne. Simple apply honey on the affected areas of your face and rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water after 20 to 30 minutes.

Aloe Vera Gel and Juice

Numerous skincare products contain aloe vera gel because it is packed with vitamin E, an antioxidant that is very good for the skin. Applying aloe vera gel directly on facial areas with rosacea helps deal with the redness and swelling because it has anti-inflammatory properties. You may also take up to a couple of tablespoons of aloe vera juice daily to help detoxify your body and keep the occurrence of rosacea flare ups to a bare minimum.

Turmeric Powder

Adding turmeric powder to certain dishes can help you manage the various signs and symptoms of rosacea. That’s because this deep yellow spice has superb anti-inflammatory properties. You may also apply turmeric powder topically to attain instant relief from the skin condition. Simply combine equal amounts of it with either plain yogurt or whole milk. Apply on affected areas and leave it there for 20 minutes. Wash off with water afterwards.

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