10 High-Fat Foods That Are Incredibly Healthy

Everyone knows that adding fat to their daily diet is beneficial especially when taken in moderation as it helps keep them fuller for longer periods, keeps their heart healthy, and increases their absorption of essential vitamins depending on the kind of fat used. The question now is what types of food that are high in fat should you be adding to your daily diet?

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Here are 10 examples of food that are high in fat content that are both nutritious and healthy.

1. Cheese

Cheese is actually quite nutritious even though it has a bad reputation of having too much fat, just like Parmesan cheese that has 5 grams of saturated fat and 8 grams of fat, compared to other types of food that are plant-based. Although this is true, cheese still contains nutrients that your body needs. This is not surprising since, in order to produce a slice of cheese, you will need to use up an entire cup of milk. Cheese is actually a good source of vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, and protein where a single slice contains 6.7 grams, as well as other nutrients.

2. Black olives
A cup of black olives contain 15 grams of monounsaturated fats. Also, regardless of the type of olives that you eat, you are still getting plenty of nutrients like hydroxytyrosol which is a type of phytonutrient that can prevent cancer. You still need to consider the serving size regardless of the benefits that you can gain from olives since they also contain high amounts of sodium. It is recommended that you eat 10 small olives or 5 larger ones only.

3. Nuts

Nuts are actually quite healthy since they are high in fiber, fats, and protein. They also contain magnesium that most people don’t have enough of and vitamin E. According to studies, those who consume nuts are healthier and at less risk of suffering from various health issues which includes type 2 diabetes, obesity, and even heart disease. Among the types of nuts that you can eat are walnuts, macademia nuts, almonds, and others.

4. Tofu
Although tofu is not in high in fats, it’s not low in it either. As a matter of fact, a 3 ounce of firm tofu has 5 to 6 grams of fat and also a gram of saturated fat which naturally occurs in soybeans which is why tofu is considered to be a health food. It is recommended for those who want to increase their protein intake without consuming any meat as it contains 11 grams of protein per 3 ounces.

5. Full fat yogurt

A full-fat yogurt is found to be quite healthy since it contains the same amount of nutrients that other dairy products have. Aside from this, yogurt also has probiotics that can help improve your health. However, you should choose correctly because there are some types of yogurt that have sugar in them even when they are labelled as low-fat. There are studies that show that eating yogurt can help improve the digestive system as well as fight back obesity and heart problems.

6. Avocados
Avocados are considered to be a super food since one medium sized avocado contains 23 grams of monounsaturated fat which is good for the heart. The avocado is actually a bit different from other types of fruits since most of them contain carbohydrates as opposed to fats that avocados are known for. As a matter of fact, this fruit contains 77% fats which are higher compared to the fats found in animal products.

7. Dark chocolate
This is actually one of those rare foods that are not only healthy but delicious too. An ounce of dark chocolate or 3 fingers worth is considered as one serving and it packs about 9 grams of fat. Although 5 grams of these fats are not that healthy, dark chocolate also has healthy fats that can provide you with numerous benefits. Go for dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content as they contain higher levels of flavonoids which function as antioxidants. Also, are you aware of the fact that an ounce of dark chocolate contains 11% or 3 grams of fiber and about 50% of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium, manganese, copper, and iron? There are studies too that show those who eat dark chocolate 5 times in a week are less likely to die of heart problems compared to those who don’t eat this type of chocolate.

8. Fatty fish

Most people agree that mackerel, salmon, sardines, and trout are among those that are considered to be healthy, fatty fish. These types of fish are actually high in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as other essential nutrients. Based on several studies, those who eat fish are actually healthier and were at a lower risk of suffering from depression, dementia, heart problems, and other types of diseases. If you don’t want to eat fish, you can always opt for fish supplements. Choose cod liver oil since it has vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.

9. Butter from cows that are grass-fed
Who would even think butter is healthy? Butter is mostly composed of pure fat where more than half is saturated. It received quite a lot of bad press back in the days but it is now slowly being recognized as health food once again. Butter, particularly from cows that are grass-fed, has plenty of essential nutrients such as CLA and butyrate, vitamins A and K2, as well as bioactive fatty acids that are found to have numerous benefits to a person’s health. There are countries that actually consume a lot of butter that came from cows that are grass-fed. They are said to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Don’t forget that healthy butter comes from grass-fed cows.

10. Extra virgin olive oil

Many agree that this oil is another kind of food that is high in fat content. It is known for its various health benefits as well as containing important vitamins like vitamins K and E, and antioxidants that can beat back inflammation and provide protection to the blood’s LDL particles to keep them from being oxidized. It has also been proven to be effective in reducing blood pressure, boost the cholesterol markers, and other benefits to the heart.

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