Fast Tips on Making Farts Less Foul-Smelling

Did you know that up to 99 percent of the gas produced in the gut is odorless and only 1 percent of it makes farts smell terrible? That 1 percent is said to be mostly made up of sulfurous gasses, all of which are unpleasant to the nose.

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Experts say that holding in farts to avoid unnecessary embarrassment won’t put your health in some form of danger. It can, however, cause some unwarranted abdominal discomfort. Nothing can be more mortifying that passing wind so malodorous that it can make everyone around come scampering for the exit! Fortunately, there are a few things that you may do to keep the gas that you rip from being the talk of the town:

Have Your Vegetables Cooked

Do you like eating your veggies raw because they are crunchier and for the convenience? Then don’t be surprised if you can make everyone faint each time you pass gas. That’s because your digestive system has a hard time processing uncooked carrots, broccoli, onions, bell peppers, cabbage and other veggies. The more work you cause your digestive system, the more malodorous your farts tend to become. Cooking your veggies helps you avoid spooking others!

Stay Away From Fizzy Drinks

Carbonation in soda and other bubbly beverages not only makes your gut collect more gas, but also make it really bad-smelling. There’s something about those bubbles that tends to make your farts smell gut-wrenching. What’s more, most of those fizzy drinks you love are actually packed with sugar. Bacteria love to feed on sugar, and this makes them produce lots of gas in the process. Steer clear of fizzy drinks to save everyone around you from feeling dizzy!

Reduce Your Consumption of Dairy

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It’s a good idea for you to limit your intake of milk, cheese butter, ice cream and other dairy products if you are notorious for passing wind that’s truly unforgettable and unforgivable. That’s because dairy is known to cause not only extra gas, but also smellier ones. Especially if you have lactose intolerance, the consumption of anything dairy will surely make your gut a noxious gas producer. Leave out dairy especially if you have lactose intolerance to make everyone merry!

Limit Your Intake of Fatty Foods

Everyone knows that including a lot of fatty and greasy foods in the diet is bad for your health. Such can leave your arteries clogged and your waistline expanded. Experts say that fat contribute to excessive gas production, and it can make it smell bad as well. In a nutshell, any oil meal at your favorite fast food joint is not only a health-wrecker, but also an image-destroyer. If you don’t want to obliterate everyone’s peace, stay away from too much fat and grease!

Take Foods That Neutralize Odor

Other than steering clear of foods that can cause your farts to smell horrid, you may also welcome certain foods in the diet that help neutralize foul odor. Sweet potatoes help promote regularity, thus saving your gut from collecting lots of smelly gas. Yogurt supplies the body with good bacteria that zap those odor-causing bad bacteria. You may also consume green tea as its catechins can also kill off bad bacteria. Eat right to avoid ruining someone’s appetite!

Chew Your Food Very Well

Aside from making it easier for your digestive system to absorb nutrients, chewing your food well can help in making your farts less stinky. That’s because it robs the bacteria in your colon of the opportunity to act upon undigested food particles. Much of the gas in your gut is a by-product of bacterial action on food that you failed to chew well, causing them to decompose. The quicker you finish your meals, the faster everyone will run away from you when you rip one out!

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