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How Weight Gain Can Cause Hypertension

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Having excessive weight gain causes you to have hypertension. The natural relationship between hypertension and weight gain is still being researched and studied. Certain hormone increases and changes in the anatomy and physiology of the bodies are thought to be means for excessive weight gain to cause hypertension.

Hypertension and Weight Gain
Your blood pressure depends on two things: systemic vascular resistance, and cardiac output. Stroke volume determines the cardiac output. Stroke volume is the volume of blood the heart pumps and heart rate. Animal studies have revealed that cardiac output becomes elevated together with weight gain. By increasing the cardiac output part of an equation, the blood pressure is increased by weight gain. An adequate increase in cardiac output then brings forth hypertension.

Relationship between Hypertension and Obesity
According to epidemiology, the major increase of obese people corresponds with an increase in the hypertension prevalence. Scientists have found a linear relationship between elevated blood pressures and excessive weight, although this relationship varies among races. Therefore, the blood pressure rises along with the weight gain. If your blood pressure reaches 140/90 mmHg, consider yourself hypertensive. Generally, seventy five percent of risks in hypertension around men and sixty five percent in ladies are conferred by obese conditions and overweight conditions.

Hypertension and Abdominal Obesity
The blood pressure is increased by abdominal obesity in another matter in difference among simple weight gain. The adjustment of circulation for abdominal obesity, according to studies, leans more on peripheral vascular resistance or systemic. If you are centrally or abdominally obese and have cardiac output that is lower, your systemic vascular resistance is increased. Therefore, it leads to elevated blood pressures.

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Changes in Hypertension and the Vasculature
Endothelial cells consist the lining of vascular system. Several substances are released by endothelial cells to prevent clot formation and plaques, and maintain homeostasis. Dysfunction of the endothelial cells occurs when there is excessive weight gain. This directs to mechanical forces, which make the formation of thrombi or atherosclerotic plaques. Blood flow resistance increases when thrombus or the plaque becomes sufficiently large that it obstructs the blood flow.

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