Your Ultimate Guide to Having Slimmer Calves

Did you know that there’s such a thing as calf reduction surgery? If only it did not cost a fortune and involve a lot of pain and infection risk, it would be the perfect solution for women who are seriously bothered by their unflattering calves.

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If you’re the kind of woman who says “no” to undergoing the knife and says “yes” to various all-natural beauty solutions, you’re in luck! Making the calves look slimmer is possible without leaving your savings in a complete wreck as well as risking your health and even life. Doing various workouts that target the legs muscles with special attention to the calves can help make your gams look more attractive! You cannot expect to own a pair of legs similar to the leggiest celebrity you can think of, but doing these effective exercises for the calves can help you improve what your folks had bestowed upon you.

Can’t wait to confidently sport a miniskirt or super-short shorts? Read on to know some of the things you may do to enjoy slimmer calves. Remember to pair them with healthy eating habits and lifestyle for phenomenal results!

Jog Long Distances Slowly

Your goal should be to run slowly for an extended period of time. Doing this tones the legs muscles, including the calves, while making you burn calories and fat because it’s a wonderful cardiovascular exercise. However, make sure that you jog on flat terrain to minimize the calf muscles’ workload, keeping them from bulking up. More about this on the following tip.

Dodge or Minimize Exercises that Bulk Up the Leg Muscles

Refrain from jogging on ascending terrain as this will cause those calf muscles to get worked out excessively, leaving you with bigger calves. While using a treadmill at the gym or in your own home, avoid getting too excited to amp up the incline. When doing aerobics, refrain from doing short-duration and intense cardio to keep your calves from ending up massive.

Evade Certain Workout Equipment at the Gym

If you are dreaming of having slimmer calves, there are certain exercise machines that you should dodge. One example is the step machine that zooms in on your calf muscles like crazy. Another example is the elliptical trainer. If you cannot help but use the elliptical trainer, adjust the resistance to low and keep the workout’s duration to a minimum.

Attend Yoga or Pilates Classes

Various stretching exercises commonly performed during yoga or pilates help lengthen the muscles. That is why doing yoga or pilates can help you attain slimmer calves and legs that look longer and shapelier. Especially if you’re leading a busy lifestyle, opting for either of these two classes can also help you get rid of stress effectively.

Hop Instead of Jump for Slimmer Calves

Hopping, as opposed to jumping, helps exercise your calf muscles without causing them to get overworked and wind up bulky. Because you are leaping with all parts of your feet off the ground simultaneously, you are keeping your calves from doing all the work. Hop for 30 to 60 seconds. Rest for a while and do another set.

Do Skater Hops for Extra Challenge

In case you end up bored with hopping, there’s another fun exercise for the calves that you may do instead: skater hops. To perform this routine, stand on your left leg with your knee slightly bent. Lean forward and slightly stretch your right leg backward. Leap and land on your right foot, with your left leg now stretched behind you.

Perform Standing or Seated Calf Raises, Then Stretch the Calves

Toning the calf muscles helps give your lower legs a nicer shape. Don’t be afraid of doing calf raises especially if you’re not holding weights. Depending on your body weight alone won’t increase the size of your calf muscles. To perform standing calf raises, stand up straight with your legs about an inch apart and with your knees slightly bent. Take your heels off the floor. Hold it for about half a second then slowly return to the starting position. Do 3 sets, each one made up of 10 reps.

You may also opt for seated calf raises for an effective yet less challenging workout for the calves. It’s basically just like doing the traditional calf raises, except this time you’re sitting on a chair. Whether you prefer standing or seated calf raises, remember to stretch the calf muscles afterwards. Do this by flexing the foot for a couple of seconds, then pointing the foot downwards.

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