The Many Uses for Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil is regarded as one of the most versatile essential oils out there. That’s because it can be used for a wide variety of things, from promoting relaxation to improving the appearance of scars. One of the most popular uses for vetiver essential oil, by the way, is for managing ADHD in children.

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Vetiver essential oil is obtained via steam distillation from the roots of a grass having the same name. Vetiver grass is known to be very similar to lemongrass and citronella, and that is why all of the essential oils that they yield are commonly employed for the very same reasons.

The smell of vetiver essential oil is fresh and herbaceous, which means that it is pleasing to the nose. It doesn’t come as a shock why it is a volatile oil that is commonly used for making personal care and household products smell lovelier. Vetiver essential oil is usually employed, too, as a flavoring agent.

You can blend vetiver essential oils with a bunch of other oils whose fragrances complement its own. Some wonderful examples include floral ones such as jasmine, ylang ylang and lavender essential oils. Some people who are into essential oils say that it goes so well with grapefruit and other essential oils that smell citrusy.

When using vetiver essential oil topically, it has to be mixed with carrier oils. Although it is known to be very mild, still it’s a good idea for you to carry out a skin patch test beforehand.

Let’s now take a look at some of the most amazing health and beauty uses for vetiver essential oil:

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Vetiver essential oil’s fragrance is known to be very good at controlling stress. If your everyday life is a hectic one, make sure that you have a bottle of it within your reach so that you may spring into action right away at the first sign of being stressed. Vetiver essential oil is also revered for its ability to reduce anxiety effectively.

Managing ADHD

A lot of parents whose kids have ADHD swear by the efficacy of vetiver essential oil in dealing with hyperactivity. Based on numerous studies, something as simple as allowing children diagnosed with ADHD to take a quick whiff of vetiver essential oil from the bottle is enough to control the symptoms of ADHD.

Repelling Flying and Crawling Bugs

Earlier, it was mentioned that vetiver grass is similar to citronella grass which is a very popular insect repellant all over the planet. Because of this, you may also count on vetiver essential oil for saving yourself from being bitten or stung by bugs. Once diluted with your favorite carrier oil or lotion, apply a little on exposed areas of the body.

Boosted Libido

One of the more popular uses for vetiver essential oil is for increasing a person’s sexual appetite. In other words, this volatile oil with a fresh and herbaceous aroma possesses aphrodisiac properties. Aside from diffusing it, a little of it may be added to foods and drinks to help in reinstating lost libido in an all-natural manner.

Reduced Scar Appearance

Finally, you may also employ vetiver essential oil for improving your appearance. Did you know that vetiver essential oil that’s diluted with carrier oils is known to make scars less noticeable? You may also place a few drops of this oil in the bottle of your favorite hand and body lotion to keep dry and cracked skin at bay.

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