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Must Read: 7 Signs You’ve Got Healthy Semen

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The only way to tell whether or not you got healthy swimmers is by having a specialist take a look at them. While you are getting an appointment, read on. The following may reveal if your sperm cells are capable of populating the planet:

Fish is Part of Your Everyday Diet

According to experts, omega-3 fatty acids in fish and most other sea foods are vital for a man’s reproductive health. Those health-giving fats are not only good for the heart but also important for the formation of plenty of healthy swimmers.

You Have a Flat Midsection

Whether you sport a six-pack or you simply don’t have a paunch, it’s very likely that your sperm cells are in tip-top shape just like you. Experts are not so sure why men with flat midsections tend to have better swimmers. However, they believe it has something to do with the fact that no extra weight is keeping the body from releasing sex hormones properly.

Working Out is One of Your Hobbies

Having your regular dose of exercise is not only good for your figure but your swimmers as well. Researchers have found out that guys who workout for 15 hours a week or more boast of sperm concentration that is about 73% higher than those who don’t. Experts believe that it’s because being fit is necessary for a winning reproductive health.

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You’re Fond of Wearing Boxers

If briefs make you feel uncomfortable, it’s likelier that your swimmers have high motility, allowing them to reach the egg faster before they die off. Experts suggest that putting on tight underwear may cause the temperature between your legs to increase, potentially resulting in the production of sperm cells with low motility.

Some of Your Facial Features are on the Feminine Side

Researches have shown that men with really manly facial features tend to have the weakest swimmers on the planet. Some experts think that much of their reproductive resources are spent on propagating secondary sex characteristics such as facial hair and a chiseled jaw rather than on the production of fertile sperm cells.

You Don’t Have a Low Voice

Rejoice if your speaking voice is nowhere near low, throaty or husky. Experts have found out that men whose voices are on the high-pitch side tend to have better sperm cells. Those with guttural voices may have lower concentrations of swimmers per ejaculation because of too much testosterone, something that may suppress sperm production.

Reheating Food in Plastic is Not Your Thing

The chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) in plastic containers may taint your food during reheating. You certainly don’t want this to happen because researches have shown that BPA can actually impede the normal production and development of sperm cells. Before heating food in the microwave, take it out of that plastic container for better swimmers.

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