How to Reduce Pain Caused by Braces

The installation of orthodontic braces or simply braces can help give you a reason to smile more once they are removed. However, they can make you frown a lot right after they’re put in place or each time your orthodontist adjusts them!

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It’s perfectly normal for you to experience uncomfortable pressure on your teeth and pain and irritation of your gums each time you step foot outside the office of your orthodontist. The good news is you can considerably minimize these downsides to wanting a lovelier smile in the future by having braces today.

Continue reading if earlier you have visited your orthodontist and now your newly adjusted braces are giving you a hard time. Below you will find some of the best all-natural solutions to pain caused by those braces of yours:

Gargle With Lukewarm Salt Water

Several times a day, you may rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water which can be made by dissolving a teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water. This home remedy is effective not only for easing inflamed gums, but also in facilitating the healing of sores on your inner cheeks or lips that your braces may cause.

Consume Cold Water

Having a glass of cold water can considerably reduce the pain you are experiencing because of your braces that have just been recently installed or adjusted. Cold water temporarily deadens the nerves in your mouth. What’s more, it soothes inflammation and bleeding of the gums which may actually happen.

Suck on Some Ice Chips

Drinking lots of cold water causing you to rush to the bathroom very often? Then you may opt for placing ice chips in your mouth every now and then to attain relief from pain caused by your braces. Although it can be tempting to chew on those ice chips, don’t because they can actually cause damage to your pearly whites!

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Apply Ice Pack on Problem Areas

You may also simply get your hands on an ice pack and gently apply it on the outside of your mouth, particularly where there’s pain or discomfort. Just remember not to place ice cubes directly on your skin — stash them in a Ziploc bag, seal and wrap in a hand or face towel before placing right where it hurts.

Eat Soft Foods in the Meantime

Having braces calls for carefully watching what you eat. This is most especially true if your braces have just been adjusted by your orthodontist. While there’s still pain or discomfort present, it’s a good idea for you to go for soft foods which require very little mastication, thus preventing your problem from becoming aggravated.

Avoid Anything That’s Acidic and Spicy

It’s not unlikely for sores to develop on your inner cheeks or lips each time your braces are adjusted. While giving those sores time to heal, refrain from consuming anything that is acidic and spicy as it will surely leave you in a great deal of pain. You should also avoid having food or beverage that is simply too hot.

Use Orthodontic Wax as Needed

Before you head home, make sure that you purchase orthodontic wax from your trusted orthodontist. This product is something that you may apply on the brackets and wires as necessitated in order to reduce friction, thus saving you from ending up with really painful sores in your mouth.

Take an OTC Painkiller

Last but not least, you may simply pop your trusted painkiller in your mouth to help you deal with pain caused by those newly installed or adjusted braces. However, it’s a bad idea to constantly rely on orally taken painkillers, so it’s a wise move for you to purchase and use oral anesthetics from time to time.

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