Tips on How to Treat Excessive Sweating

The summer season is highly anticipated as the desire to bask in the warmth of the sun after months of being cooped up indoors because of the freezing temperature is on the rise. After all, the image of the sun, sand, and cool blue waters paints a pretty picture doesn’t it? However, there are some who dread the heat as they experience excessive sweating to the point of discomfort and embarrassment. This is understandable as the sweat stains under your arms and your back can leave some tell-tale signs of your current hygienic state. Is there any way to help keep your excessive sweating at bay?

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Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to make you sweat less especially during the summer. Here are some that you can try out.

Apple cider vinegar

This kitchen staple is known for its astringent properties that can help regulate the amount of sweat that your body is producing. Simply dab a cotton ball in a bowl of ACV and apply on areas where you sweat the most. This can be under the arms, the palms of your hands, or your feet even. The acetic nature of apple cider vinegar assists in regulating your pH levels while protecting you from bacterial growth. Also, it helps close the pores on your skin to minimize sweating.

Spicy food should be avoided

As much as you would like to have some of your favorite spicy meals, the heat from the pepper can trigger excessive sweating on your end. If you can’t completely drop your love of anything hot in your food, you might want to try experimenting with the spices that you are using to help replace the cayenne you are using with your food.

Try potatoes

Another tip on how you can reduce the amount of sweat that your skin is producing is by using raw potato. This root crop is actually effective in absorbing excess moisture and can even function as a blocking agent as well. Slice the potatoes then rub them on areas where you frequently sweat a lot. Allow them to dry. Another way to use potato is to extract the juice from it. You can refrigerate the extract and use it as needed.

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Keep exercising

Although this may sound like counterintuitive to stopping your excessive sweating, working out can help regulate the amount of sweat that your body is producing. If you are carrying additional weight, it would be a good idea to lose your excess fats, plus it will stop you from sweating more with every movement that you do.

Drink black tea

Drinking black tea can also contribute to regulating your sweat as it works like an antiperspirant as well as blocking your sweat glands too. The tannic acid works by neutralizing the areas where you sweat the most. Soak a bag or two in slightly warm water then soak your palms or your feet in it for at least 15 minutes. Rinse afterwards or take a bath. If your armpits are giving you a hard time, place the wet tea bags under your arms and keep them there for 15 minutes.

Choose lightweight fabrics

Switch to breathable fabrics, especially in the summer, to help cool your body down. Bring a fan and bottled water when you are out and about, so you will be able to keep yourself cool.

These are just a few examples on how you can reduce your excessive sweating this summer. You’ll find it much easier to keep yourself cool with these steps.

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